Test your products at our pilot plant!

Take advantage of the support and know-how of our technicians and test your recipes and manufacturing processes in our experimental laboratory. With our turnkey service, you will save time and money by testing your production on a small scale.

You will have access to all the equipment necessary for the manufacturing of meat products:

  • Cutter
  • Mincer
  • Hydraulic tappet, vacuum tappet
  • Mixer
  • Climate-controlled cooking cell, smoker
  • Churn
  • Injector
  • Mechanical separator and drying cell

For pickled, fermented or marinated products; for injection, churning, embossing or cooking; our technicians will provide you with expert advice so that you get a finished product of quality.


Culinary centre

We bring you our fully equipped culinary centre!

Culinary view of professional chef measuring the inner temperature of his seasoned roast

Our culinary centre is the ideal place to industrialize, standardize and perfect your product.

BSA WIBERG offers the services of its corporate chef to chefs and/or production managers who wish to undertake the development of customized culinary concepts in our Montreal, Quebec facility.

With your collaboration, we work to improve the quality of food products, production processes and also to innovate. Our technical knowledge is a solid basis for choosing the most effective ingredients to use in industrial kitchens and restaurant chains.