Less predicting and more shaping the future

As we all know, consumers are influenced by more than one attribute when choosing which processed foods to buy. What will be the next successful processed food? What’s the next hot seasoning?

Before designing your product, the relationship between the purchase price and its attributes must be considered from the very beginning of a project.

By the way, do you know the most popular culinary trends?

Short and simple list of ingredients

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Food additives with complex chemical names discourage consumers who prefer ingredient lists with words that they recognize and understand. The popularity of clean labels continues to grow.

In response to this trend, flavour enhancers, such as monosodium glutamate known as MSG, are being replaced by yeast extracts, spices or natural flavours. Natural plant extracts such as rosemary are used as antioxidants and help prevent oxidation while also preserving the colour of many foods.

Less sugar, less salt

Health Canada is raising awareness among Canadians about the consequences of eating foods that are too sweet and too salty. New regulations are already in place to help reduce sugar, added sugar and sodium levels. As a result, consumers know better. They check the Nutrition Facts tables and prefer products with reduced salt or sugar content.

Our specialists accurately calculate the nutritional values of your custom blends to ensure that your finished products meet current standards and are attractive to the consumer.

New functional ingredients in deli meats

Food additives such as sodium erythorbate, nitrites and phosphates are commonly used in the preparation of deli meats. In Canada, deli meats are standardized and regulated by law.

As a leader in meat processing ingredients, BSA WIBERG understands the technical and scientific challenge that food processing companies face in meeting growing consumer demands for healthier deli meats.

Mixed air cured sliced meats isolated on white.

For example, our R&D specialists have succeeded in substituting phosphate with NoPhos®, which is made from a mixture of starches and broths. Nitrite is replaced by cultured celery juice powder. Neuvi-DV-K®, a potassium-based vinegar, very low in sodium and acid-free, is an excellent anti-microbial that can extend your product’s shelf life. We sell gluten-free binders made from rice flour or leguminous.

Our pilot plant is very useful for carrying out each stage of the development of deli meats, from R&D to factory production. BSA is recognized for the excellence of its technical assistance.

Wholesome ingredients

Consumers are concerned about their health, and the ageing population is no stranger to this. They are looking for foods that will help them stay healthy.

Many vegetables and fruits are known for their antioxidant qualities are for being high in nutrients and vitamins:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Leek
  • Avocado
  • Mushroom
  • Cranberry
  • Citrus
  • Apricot

Spices known for their natural health benefits

  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon                                                                                         
  • Ginger
  • Coriander
  • Safran
  • Paprika

Food processing companies have everything to gain by showcasing these ingredients in their finished products. Our R&D specialists will guide you in your approach.

Less meat: a step towards flexitarianism and vegetarianism

gluten free vegan sandwiches with beet hummus, raw vegetables and sprouts. soft focus

Very popular on social networks, vegetarian and vegan foods are gaining in popularity in supermarket aisles. Burgers made from leguminous or proteins that resemble meat, fish and seafood, attract health-conscious consumers that are also concerned about the treatment of animals and the impact of animal meat production on the environment.

BSA WIBERG developed a range of blends and seasonings for the production of vegetarian and vegan deli meats and ready meals. Let’s work together to standardize your production to meet this new and constantly growing demand.

Our marketing intelligence at the service of our customers

Beautiful young tattoo woman enjoying at cooking and vlogging in domestic kitchenWe research and analyze extensive data from reliable studies about new products, consumer preferences and eating habits in order to anticipate future trends.

We pay special attention to processed foods, the ingredients that make them up, the seasonings that enhance them and the times when they are consumed.

Customer relationship has a prominent place at BSA WIBERG. Stay on top of trends to make the right decisions for your business. Your success is also ours!

360° view on the culinary and scientific world

With the Frutarom Group, we can count on experienced specialists and ingredients at the leading edge of food processing science to provide us with an excellent overview of new food products, new ingredient technologies as well as their applications to improve quality, safety and functionality.

  • Development of new products
  • Organoleptic improvement
  • Sodium and sugar reduction
  • Clean label ingredients

And more …

Our technical and commercial team can advise you on the choice of ingredients adapted to your needs, your applications and the trends that consumers like.