Our sauces and marinades are colourant and preservative-free, are stable at room temperature and are ideal for industrial applications, foodservices and grocery store preparations.


BSA Gourmet sauces are created by our research and development specialists. We prepare and test our recipes to standardize them according to your applications.

We have a wide range of sauces suited to each taste and type of cuisine consumers like. Have our sauces ready to use and turn a sad meal into an appetizing culinary experience.

Restaurateurs and industrial kitchen operators: our chef will assist you in developing your menu at our culinary centre.


"Freshly prepared chicken satay at store. Mediterranean, Greece Specialty."

Choose one of our marinades to get tender, tasty meat!

Serving the meat industry for many years, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of taste profiles that blend perfectly with animal proteins. Thanks to our expertise in all things flavours and ingredients, we produce liquid and dry marinades with flavours that mingle well with the protein. BSA gourmet liquid marinades are water-based and contain no trans fat.

Retailers, caterers, and food processing companies: bring something new to your offer for prepared meals with visually attractive, eye-catching marinades available at the meat counter along with local and international recipe suggestions.


  • Brown roast sauces (pepper, mushrooms, red wine, chasseur sauce)
  • Red wine demi-glaze reduction e
  • Tomato-based sauces: Portuguese, Milanese, Provençale, Creole, salsa
  • Sauces et marinades
    • Fruit-based: cranberry, apricot, mango
    • Sweet and spicy: red pepper, Piri-Piri, sriracha, harissa
    • BBQ: local American, Farwest, Southwest, Buffalo
    • International cuisine

Looking for a specific flavour but can’t find it? We can create a sauce or marinade according to your culinary taste profile, adapted to your production process and preferred method of cooking.

Several types of convenient packaging are available:

  • Easy-to-handle plastic bottlee
  • Easy-to-handle sealed bag
  • Barrel suited for factory pumping

Our liquid sauces and marinades are made at our factory. They are preservative and dye free and do not require refrigeration (stable in ambient air).


Ready-to-use dry units can be easily integrated into your manufacturing processes. They can be added to the brine, they hydrate during sous-vide cooking and are ideal for food processing plants and industrial kitchens.