We don’t create just another meal. We create tasting and fragrant experiences that bring pleasure and satisfaction to the consumer

Knowing how flavour profiles work together is key in creating a well-balanced, tasty meal made from various ingredients, textures and flavours. Our technicians have the know-how and experience to guide you in choosing the right ingredients and processes for your needs, facilities and products.

Preparing refrigerated or frozen ready-made meals comes with its own set of challenges. Refrigerated products have a shorter shelf-life, and oxidation of fat in frozen products contribute to the deterioration of their organoleptic characteristics.

When you choose BSA WIBERG as a partner, you will benefit from the know-how of an experienced team that will help you overcome these challenges and get a final product that meets customer standards.

Today’s consumer is on the lookout for ready-made meals that are equally convenient and quick to prepare and made from genuine and flavourful ingredients. Foods with lower sodium levels are also sought after.

We closely follow all these consumer trends and can help you develop a finished product that will talk to consumers in your target market.