Quality assurance

Our quality assurance employees face many ongoing challenges, including ensuring that our ingredients comply with the requirements as well as maintaining and improving our controls.

BSA WIBERG’s quality assurance team carefully examines all the raw materials and finished products that come into or are shipped from our plant. Because of the way we handle the ingredients, control our production lines and train our personnel, we can ensure the TRACEABILITY of all our ingredients. We have also implemented an allergen management system to guarantee the absolute safety of our products.

So that these policies are adhered to, management has set up a multidisciplinary team whose mandate is to oversee the maintenance and the validation of the HACCP program. We have put together a training program tailored to the specific needs of each employee, and have given everyone all the tools they need to meet the requirements of our quality policy.

All these aspects of quality management contribute to reassuring you about your food processing activities.

BSA WIBERG have obtained the SQF – Edition 8 certification in our two facilities. This demonstrates the commitment and rigour with which we work to preserve our partnership with your company.

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